Curious Cat


The official app of the Curious Cat social network


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Curious Cat is the official app of the social network by the same name that helps you comfortably manage your user account from your Android smartphone. You can edit your personal information, answer questions and, of course, post questions for other users.

The foundation of Curious Cat is exactly that: the questions. Anyone can ask you a question and you can decide whether you want to answer or not. The questions that you do answer will be saved in your profile so anyone can see them. Also, you can choose whether or not you want anonymous users to ask you questions by using the configuration settings.

Curious Cat is an interesting social network that helps you get to know people better. If you want to know something about someone, just ask them. Similarly, if someone wants to know something about you, they just have to ask you and wait for your response.

Requires Android 4.1 or higher

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